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Removable duvets machine washable at 30 °

This shell chair included in the Class I Medical Devices (Title IV) is intended for patients who have an inability to maintain a sitting position without support.

This chair is equipped with a Class II anti-decubitus cushion.

Objective : To provide good support and support for patients with prolonged immobility. Available colors:

Polyester Coatings Waterproof Velor & PVC Waterproof :

Waterproof PVC / PU coatings :

Heathered fabric :


  • Description

The chair Elysée is a wheeled frame thought-out for dependent people who need an auxiliary.
This is a compact product (same dimensions as Montmartre) practical and movable (Indoor/Outdoor use). The conviviality and the user’s dignity are preserved by a chair which always allows the access to the dinner’s table, thanks to the armrest’s height.
The auxiliary can modify the patient’s lift thanks to the handle situated on the push bar behind the chair, and also to brake the chair with his feet. This chair is fitted with a manual leg rest, adjustable by a rack (6 positions).The leg rest is on the same alignment of the seat, in semi-lying position. Moreover, its width and seat-width are the same in order to provide to the patient an improved bearing and more comfort.

The wheeled frame ELYSEE is available in 15 sizes.

Maximum user weight : 130 kg

Ideal for patients who are not able to stay in a sitting position without support.

The integration of anti-bedsores cushions greatly improves the service provided to the patient concerned by daily and prolonged immobility.


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