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Discover our 100% electric wheelchair that adapts to each’s morphology


• Compartmentalized cover with silicone hollow fibers

• Seat and backrest inclination by electric cylinder

• Lightening pressure points

• Machine washable and / or replaceable duvet modules

• Easy and efficient propulsion, even in inclined position

• 12 cm front and 12 cm rear wheels with brakes

• Remarkably stable, even when tilting at 35 °

• Maximum weight 140kg

Waterproof PVC / PU coating:

Polyester coating Velvet water repellent :

Heathered fabric :

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Differentiating elements :

• Removable comfort duvets, replaceable and machine washable at 30 °

• Duvet consisting of 5 separable elements for 4 armchair designs

• 6-wheel rigid chassis including 2 with brakes

• Patient autonomy preserved using the remote control

• Smooth adjustment of leg rests

• Tension adjustable backrest


Signature strengths :

• Excellent positioning for users subject to prolonged immobility.

• Immersion of the body in the quilt for optimal relaxation.

• Fauteuil recouvert d’un capitonnage afin d’amortir chocs et risques de blessures.

• Armchair covered with padding to cushion shocks and risk of injury

• 6-wheel chassis with shock absorbers for a perfect control of the trajectories, a great maneuverability (compass effect) and to allow the passage of obstacles.

• Multiple adjustments to adapt the chair to the morphology and pathology of the user.


Available options : 

• Side tablet

• Ventral tablet

• Seat Cushion Class II

• Hold trunk right and left

• On monoblock pallet


Download sheet and instructions :

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