Shell seat


Removable duvets machine washable at 30 °


this shell seat registered on the Medical Device Class I (Titre I Chapitre II) is intented for patients who aren’t able to stay in a sitting position without support.

This chair is equipped with a Class II anti-decubitus cushion.

Objective : extend independence and stand up safety and effortlessly.

Chair 3 electric functions with a 3-buttons remote control :

  • Function 1 : Autonomy.
  • Function 2 : Relaxation by soft sway.
  • Function 3 : Massage by lumbar pillow’s vibration.

Available colors :

Polyester Coatings Waterproof Velor & Waterproof PVC :

Waterproof PVC / PU coatings :


Heathered fabric :


  • Description

The shell seat PREMIUM ESPRIT BIEN ETRE is an electric chair with a 3-functions remote control, as well as a handsfree kit to secure the user’s support at its output. It’s fitted with the STOP&START function (intermediate seat’s stop in horizontal position) to ensure the patient’s safety.


  • The 1st button allows to benefit from the ELECTRIC’s AUTONOMY function (Forward/Backward) to handle by oneself its reclining.
  • The 2nd button allows to operate the RELAXING system programmed to change automatically the reclining of your chair, which permits to reduce tension and risks of extended compressions (soft sway – program of 35′).
  • the 3rd button actives the MASSAGE function by lumbar pillow’s vibration (Cycle of 5 ‘).

The model PREMIUM ESPRIT BIEN ETRE is available in 15 sizes.

Maximum user weight : 130 kg

Ideal for patients who are not able to stay in a sitting position without support.

The integration of anti-bedsores cushions greatly improves the service provided to the patient concerned by daily and prolonged immobility.


Download datasheet and guide :

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